[wp-hackers] Re: blog by email, locally

Aubrey Kilian aubreykilian at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 19:55:52 GMT 2006


>    Aubrey> Surely you can just set the wordpress blog by email pickup
>    Aubrey> settings to be localhost? That should pick up from a local
>    Aubrey> pop3 account if you've set your pop3 server up to accept
>    Aubrey> connections from localhost...
> Thanks, it seems that for some bizarre reason my localhost is blocked.
> Anyhow I tried to use my gmail account instead, but it seems that
> the 995 port (pop+ssl) does not work for wordpress. Am I correct?

As far as I know, not out of the box, no.
Have you tried specifying your local machine's IP number instead of
'localhost' as your pop3 server?
I had the same issues with gmail a while before, and ended up hacking
together a cron script using stunnel to check my gmail.
There's also a 'wp-gmail.php' that somebody wrote (I found a google
cache'd version of it here:
 ) that you can use, but these solutions are really only if you have
ssh access to your blog's machine, and if you're comfortable in a
terminal environment.


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