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Aubrey Kilian aubreykilian at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 06:35:29 GMT 2006


> > >> . When some of the biggest blogs out
> > >> there, like Gigaom.com, Techcrunch.com, and the NY Times blogs forget or
> > >> remove the link, it's that much harder for the WP word to get out there.
> > >
> > > I just noticed that gigaom in his redesign didn't have a link. I think it's
> > > a fair request.
> Ironically, that Apple Stupent Blog now does have "Powered by
> WordPress" near the bottom of the right sidebar.

Heh, good morning Mister Freud.  ;-)

This whole discussion reminded me to add the wordpress link back into
the blog that I just launched for the company I work for.  If
anybody's interested.  :)  http://blogs.iol.co.za/
We launched it last week wednesday, and will be starting to advertise
it on all our other sites to encourage our readers to interact on it.
Choosing Wordpress was purely my decision (I'm Lead Developer here at
IOL), and I was familiar with Wordpress to begin with, so chose that.
I don't regret it at all.

I'm working on a new product that we'll be launching next week, which
I'm building using Wordpress, and poking around the code and
documentation more and more, I find that Wordpress just rocks more and
more every day. :-)  I have full intentions of having a Powered by
Wordpress link on this new product too, but I suspect that due to the
nature of the product (it won't be a blog), can't say anything about
it yet, hush hush and all), the powers that be above my head might
veto that decision...  I've had to make some mods to the core code to
make it do what I want it to, unfortunately nothing that will benefit
the core wordpress code if I submitted it to be committed to the
subversion repository.

We'll also be rolling out something similar to wordress.com with WPmu
sometime soon too.  Long live wordpress!  :-)

(Yes, I'm newish to the list.  eh-eh)


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