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> Greets:
> We went through this over on the phpNuke platform a few years back.
> It was the opinion of Free Software Foundation that a link had to be
> in there:
> What started it all:
> http://phpnuke.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=4947
> Francisco Burzi's response:
> http://phpnuke.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=6966
> I had wondered about it since I see a number of themes that don't include it.

Intersting  stuff! Thanks for the information. I have always
thought  that  Francisco  Burzi's hardcoding of  the  footer
(with  acknowledgements)  was  a matter of vanity  and  self
interest.  I run two PHP-Nuke sites and I know it's hard  to
remove  that footer (I never have). All the 'out of the box'
themes appear to include the footer as well.

> I just tell my clients it has to be in there.  If they have an issue,
> I suggest a color change for that line to make it match the background
> or a nofollow tag. :)

The  former can get the Webmaster penalised for hidden links
(people  like  Matt Cutts have discussed this  before).  The
latter is more reasonable, IMHO.

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