[wp-hackers] MT import issues... stripping HTML

Lee Kelleher leekelleher at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 11:02:30 GMT 2006

... long time listener, first time caller ...

I was asked by a client to migrate their existing Movable Type blog across
to WP, so no problem I thought, I'll just use the MT import tool.

I got all the content exported from MT ok... even imported it in to WP ok -
but then I noticed that certain HTML tags had been stripped out -
specifically the OBJECT/EMBED tags (for flash movies).

Also they had some JavaScript blocks in their blog postings, (bad form, I

I know that the rouge HTML tags were stripped out by 'wp_filter_kses'
because they weren't in the '$allowedposttags' array set.

My question is this... is there any way I can re-import the MT content
without having that HTML stripped out?  Does the MT Import code ignore that
I was logged in as an Administrator and have 'unfiltered_html' caps?

I appreciate any advice/feedback that you guys (and gals) have.

- Lee

Lee Kelleher

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