[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Wed Aug 9 18:12:34 GMT 2006

I'm jumping in late, but I'm guessing the original intent was a "Admin Panel 
Configured" simple theme.  That is, you don't need to know CSS (or really 
HTML).  You pick options from an admin screen.  Color choices, font 
selection, sidebars, widgets, whatever.  Not getting into whether the admin 
screen is wysiwyg, ajax, etc., it could certainly be populated with enough 
control that someone who has no clue about CSS (again, or html) could have a 
shot at a slightly-personalized blog. ;)

This is similar in notion to my CG-FlashyTitles plugin -- which creates PHP, 
JS, and CSS snippets inline into the output, in order to 'hook in' sIFR 
flash font replacement.  Meaning the user doesn't need to know PHP, JS, or 
CSS to use it.  Also means they don't EDIT any PHP or CSS files (basically).


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| On 8/9/06, Charles <lists06 at wiltgen.net> wrote:
| >
| > > There's alot of really great resources out there for learning
| > > CSS/XHTML. As a veteran of SitePoint, I recommend that you point
| > > people there.
| >
| > There's a whole lot of people who could care less about becoming web
| > developers, even if they didn't have professions and families that got 
| > the way.  Sad but true.
| >
| > Right now a popular point of view on this list seems to be that 
| > users must be web developers in order to do interesting things.  That's 
| > saying that everyone who drives are car must be a mechanic -- good 
advice in
| > 1914, but maybe a little archaic now.
| >
| True, but we ARE talking about making it ewasy for users to customize 
| themes. Whether sandboxing it or making a new Kubrick that is easier to
| modify. How do you get away from web development? It's a web software with
| web techniques and web benefits. I don't think referring somebody to a
| different resource means they have to become web developers. In fact,
| XHTML/CSS is intertwined with just "doing what we do" everyday in 
| Am I wrong?
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