[wp-hackers] WRITE Panel woes and Ultimate Tag Warrior

Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Wed Aug 9 14:11:50 GMT 2006

More reasons why plugins should also allow for 'uninstall' and clean up
anything they've added to the DB, etc. 

Christopher J. Hradil


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> Subject: [wp-hackers] WRITE Panel woes and Ultimate Tag Warrior
> I am running 2.1 Alpha 2 but this issue started back with 
> 2.0.3. This morning I decided to export my WP content to an 
> XML and import it into a new database to see if that would 
> fix up the increasing long load time for the WRITE panel. 
> BTW, my last load time was >163 seconds.
> It turns out that my XML export file is over 39 MB in size, 
> and I noticed something right away when I opened it to have a 
> look; starting on line 38 I see the following:
> <wp:postmeta>
> <wp:meta_key>_utw_tags_0</wp:meta_key>
> <wp:meta_value></wp:meta_value>
> </wp:postmeta>
> No big deal, right? EXCEPT...the above repeats SEVERAL 
> The above repeats from line 38 as stated through to line 2409.
> Obviously I've deactivated the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, 
> but that doesn't get rid of the crap from my database.
> Craig.
> Nuclear Moose.
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