[wp-hackers] WRITE Panel woes and Ultimate Tag Warrior

Craig nuclearmoose at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 13:33:22 GMT 2006

I am running 2.1 Alpha 2 but this issue started back with 2.0.3. This
morning I decided to export my WP content to an XML and import it into a new
database to see if that would fix up the increasing long load time for the
WRITE panel. BTW, my last load time was >163 seconds.

It turns out that my XML export file is over 39 MB in size, and I noticed
something right away when I opened it to have a look; starting on line 38 I
see the following:

No big deal, right? EXCEPT...the above repeats SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES PER

The above repeats from line 38 as stated through to line 2409.


Obviously I've deactivated the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin, but that doesn't
get rid of the crap from my database.

Nuclear Moose.

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