[wp-hackers] New Default Theme For 2.1

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Mon Aug 7 20:57:26 GMT 2006

>> Well, which is it?  Incomplete, or too bloated?   :^)
> Both. Not that it won't make a great plugin, but its just too much
> for the core.
> The thing about a theme to customize itself with colors and this and
> that is that, when a user wants to make their theme truly unique by
> breaking out of what the theme can do, we have a whole new support
> issue on our hands...

Right now, the problem is that any significant degree of WordPress theme customization requires that users start wrangling with CSS and XHTML.

My goal is that 80% of users can make the theme customizations that they want without hitting that CSS/XHTML wall.  There's no reason such a theme can't be elegant and tight.

I'm not asking you to agree with me, but I would like you to keep an open mind at least until you see it.   :^)

-- Charles

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