[wp-hackers] 2.0.4 Performance Issues

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sun Aug 6 20:44:01 GMT 2006

>Already there.
Actually, this is somewhat revealing...

I just created another site from the 2.04 install and it only has the
PRIMARY and post_name indices/indexes in that DB too.

According to upgrade-schema.php, you are only suppose to have KEY and
CREATE TABLE $wpdb->posts (
  KEY post_name (post_name)

However, in upgrade-functions.php, the 'post_status' index is added as
part of function upgrade_101().
	// Clean up indices, add a few
	add_clean_index($wpdb->posts, 'post_name');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->posts, 'post_status');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->categories, 'category_nicename');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->comments, 'comment_approved');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->comments, 'comment_post_ID');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->links , 'link_category');
	add_clean_index($wpdb->links , 'link_visible');
It seems upgrade_101 is not called when a new DB is create because the
version is already 3440.

All of those other indices have been moved over to the schema file but
post_status has not.  Now in my wife's blog, her db has a number of
others, but I don't know how many of these are thanks to plugins...

Keyname Type Cardinality Action Field 
PRIMARY  PRIMARY  749       ID  
post_date  INDEX  749       post_date  
post_date_gmt  INDEX  749       post_date_gmt  
post_name  INDEX  749       post_name  
post_status  INDEX  4       post_status  
autometa  FULLTEXT  749       post_content  
It makes me wonder if people who have followed the upgrade paths have
any other indices/indexes that a person who straight installed a version
does not have....

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