[wp-hackers] Mail list archives gone?

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Sat Aug 5 19:46:08 GMT 2006

>??? It goes all the way back to feb 2005? What are you seeing?
He's noticing that the archives are now lagging by several 
Last message date: Sat Jul 29 18:22:06 GMT 2006
Archived on: Sat Aug 5 15:54:23 GMT 2006 

I noticed this back when we were discussing the security holes in 2.0.3.
At the time, I figured it was a deliberate setting.  The lists used to
be pretty much live right?  Until that discussion, I'd always found the
articles I was seeking online when I looked for them.  In fact, I'd sent
an email to Matt requesting that the posts get a link to their place on
the list added before they are redistributed to everyone.  But that
wouldn't be practicle with a week worth of lag...
Brian Layman 

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