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Christopher J. Hradil chradil at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 14:03:53 GMT 2006

 >> Seems like my comment yesterday didn't reach the list (sic!).

I'm convinced there's something up with the list server. Some mails are
making it some are not (which seems to be affecting everyone equally), last
week after making a couple of posts which never appeared to both -forums and
-hackers about various topics, I went ahead and posted to the Misc section
of the forums to see if anyone else was having issues. 

Based on the fact that this still seems to be happening (and to all of the
lists), I'd suggest that at least until the issue is identified/resolved (or
just disappears on it's own), if your email to a particular list (or all of
them) isn't showing up, go ahead and contact a couple of regular
readers/posters directly to be sure that the community/others are aware of
the particular issue. 


Christopher J. Hradil
chradil at comcast.net

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spencerp <spencerp1 at gmail.com>: says:

>> I may have to drop out of the mailing list here.... I'm not sure if 
>> it's me, the mail server, or the list server, but I'm not getting my 
>> emails from this list in a timely manner.... I'm getting them hours, 
>> and in some cases days after they are sent (and resolved, and 
>> commented on, and joked about...etc).
>> It's been fun, it's been painful, y'all are a great bunch of people, 
>> and I wish you all good luck in keeping the forums running.
>> Podz, if you would, please remove me from the mod list as well.
>> -tg
< just a bit snipped here />

> I guess sometimes the server has it's bad days and good.. or is off 
> getting plastered and laid.. who knows.. but.. I wouldn't leave TG..
> ;)  Just hang-in there a little longer.. like forever.. hopefully 
> things get cleared up ... =)
> I'd hate to see ya leave.. same goes for everyone else.. ;) =)

Seems like my comment yesterday didn't reach the list (sic!).
TG - let me agree with spencerp here, please stay on, if your life allows.
If you can't, you'll be dearly missed.

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