[wp-hackers] Theme, plug-in and widget folders

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Thu Aug 3 02:32:24 GMT 2006

> This involves more detailed installation, upgrade, and permissions
> instructions, because you can't just say "don't touch wp-content"
> and be done with it. Not to mention telling everyone to move
> everything to the new folders.

> Bloggers who wish to have folders in the root can generate a symlink
> to the default folders in the root directory.

I love it!  So the arguments against are simultaneously:

    (1) Users are too stupid to not touch more than one folder.

    (2) Users are to smart enough that they can "just create symlinks".


> All the content should be under one subfolder.

Everything would still be under the "wordpress" folder, and there's no reason that the older, less-convenient places for these items <grin> couldn't be supported as well.

I know everyone here is used to it, but conceptually, it's odd to hear themes, plug-ins and widgets referred to as "content".

-- Charles

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