[wp-hackers] Theme, plug-in and widget folders

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Thu Aug 3 01:39:15 GMT 2006

Yeah, -1.  All the content should be under one subfolder.

And I have further reason for that... The path to the content dir should be 
defined as a variable (potentially defaulted in wp-config.php), and never 
hardcoded in the main wp code.  This would allow for people to change their 
paths (content wouldn't have to be in user-accessible space necessarily!), 
change the name (shorten it to 'c' if you want), allow for things like 
easier virtual/multiple site deployments (code in wp-config or plugin shifts 
which content directory is referenced, etc.).  It would also make for 
cleaner/easier coding of stuff that references into wp-content (such as 
creating files there) -- though that could be alleviated by having some 
'other' subdir in content used for the 'dumping ground' (I dunno, '/misc'?).

Just my 2c.


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| This involves more detailed installation, upgrade, and permissions
| instructions, because you can't just say "don't touch wp-content" and
| be done with it. Not to mention telling everyone to move everything to
| the new folders.
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