[wp-hackers] Plugin Management and Autoupdate System

Charles lists06 at wiltgen.net
Tue Aug 1 22:32:45 GMT 2006

> That's what it is, more or less. You just posted an RDF - I'm using
> the same thing :-D, just a different tags...

The technologist side of me is not worried about the teensy differences
between RDF and RSS, but the marketing side of me urges you to go with a
standard feed format if it doesn't make a huge difference to the success of
the product.

The cool thing about RSS is that it's potentially useful immediately with
/and/ without the rest of the system.  Plus, when we explain this to people,
we're not going to have to spend time educating people on RDF and the minute
differences between RDF and RSS.

C'mon, RSS...microformats...it's Web 2.0, baby!   :O)

-- Charles

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