[wp-hackers] "For the rest of us" theme

Chris Williams chris at clwill.com
Tue Aug 1 18:26:57 GMT 2006

I haven't chimed in before on this thread, and perhaps my input isn't
worth much, but I think this is a wonderful (and ambitious) project.
Seems to me that this would do wonders to get people to move from
blogger and some of the other "point-and-shoot" blogging tools to WP.

I am highly technical and was able to create a unique and (IMHO)
good-looking theme for my web site (http://clwill.com).  But my brother,
a devoted blogger fan (http://barkbarkwoofwoof.com), would have been
completely overwhelmed by the challenge of creating a WP theme.  So he
has tweaked and tweaked a blogspot theme... but he'd still like it to be
more unique.  As a huge WP fan, I tried to get him to WP, but the hill
is too steep.

I believe many others are similarly situated -- too sophisticated for
blogger, too non-technical for WP (and others like it).  This project
seems like a super bridge between these worlds.  Add in an installation
that doesn't require you to edit a text file, and you have a "blogger
killer" :)

So... I fully support this, and if I can lend a hand in some small way,
let me know.

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Hope that's helpful,

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