[wp-hackers] Looking for a time-based content plugin

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 02:06:53 GMT 2006

Yeah, I know phpAdsNew can run an ad campaign for a period, and because it 
is periodic it takes precedence in the 'slot'.

Would probably be easiest to just do it as a custom field which is days to 
run the post, a wp-cron hook for checking maybe every N hours where you look 
for that custom field set to a non-zero value and the matching posts, and if 
the days have expired set the post status to private and clear the custom 
field (either to zero or remove it from the table completely).  Should be 
that simple.


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| On Jul 31, 2006, at 7:13 PM, David Chait wrote:
| > interesting.  well, future posting already takes care of when stuff
| > shows
| > up, so you just need something to make it disappear. ;)
| >
| > I can imagine a plugin that takes a date (or a number of days from
| > the post
| > date...) stored in a custom field, and when that date passes it maybe
| > changes the post status to draft or private or something.  That
| > wouldn't be
| > too hard.
| >
| Agreed. Does not seem too hard. There was a PHP Advertising server I
| played around with last year that had this feature. You define the
| banner or whatever ad  to display on your site. Then you can define a
| roll in-roll out time. You also define an alternate ad to be shown
| when the time is outside the campaign. I'm going to start on
| something like this. But I wanted to check if anyone had seen or
| built something first. No use starting from scratch.
| I think this use is more than Matt and the original developer
| intended for WP. But as I use this more and more to develop client
| sites they bring up interesting features that can mostly be
| implemented via some custom plugins.
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