[wp-hackers] Looking for a time-based content plugin

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 00:13:43 GMT 2006

interesting.  well, future posting already takes care of when stuff shows 
up, so you just need something to make it disappear. ;)

I can imagine a plugin that takes a date (or a number of days from the post 
date...) stored in a custom field, and when that date passes it maybe 
changes the post status to draft or private or something.  That wouldn't be 
too hard.


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| Greetings all. Happy Monday.
| So late tonight (2am Tuesday CST) I have to go in a client's
| MovableType setup and removed all references to a campaign which ends
| July 31. This will involve changes to the template for the home page
| and sidebar. Should take me about 1.5 hours.
| So it got me thinking about my other clients who use WP and the drive
| to automate as much as possible. Is there some plugin for WP that
| would perform this action form me?  Meaning have some content
| automatically display depending on a date/time range?
| Is anyone aware of something even close to this that I could extend
| for my own needs?
| P-
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