[wp-hackers] Officially supported browsers. was: Security atWordpress

Brian Layman Brian at TheCodeCave.com
Wed Apr 26 14:15:49 GMT 2006

Anne Mentioned:
> I have to agree with this. I've been working web support for years  
> and I've never seen an established company with a serious website  
> that didn't say, "We support/test X". Successful companies, for the  
> most part, support a pretty wide range of browsers - Windows, Mac,  
> and *nix - and thanks to the consistency of Mozilla/5.0 browsers,  
> usually a problem on one is a problem on all.

That said, PC Magazine just reported that they tested having a "This Site is
best viewed in XYZ" label on a site and found that a significant number
first time visitors not having that browser did not come back. It was a
double digits percentage (I want to say 29% but that sounds way high).  

They concluded from this that people were taking those messages as "If you
don't use XYZ, we don't like you as much."  So, if you aren't going to boast
that you support all the major browsers, you should realize that you are
alienating a certain number of your potential customers and perhaps labeling
yourself an elitist. :)

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