[wp-hackers] AJAX / JS libraries

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Apr 26 07:39:38 GMT 2006

Michael D Adams wrote:
> listMan is not brilliant code.  It's pretty ugly in places, actually.  
> But it gets the job done.  All of the JS files that use it are < 30 
> lines of code (most are ~5) and could be made even better with a tweak 
> or two here and there.  Also (other than the recoloring of alternating 
> rows) it all seems pretty fast (I don't have anything even close to a 
> set of benchmarks).

I do like how light it is. Functionality wise, it works great too.

> If we decide to use prototype, I'd be all for that; it's popular, well 
> maintained and it works.  Someone else can do the listMan rewrite (or 
> replacement), though.  It should have another set of eyes look at it 
> anyway.

In addition to prototype, I think whoever takes ownership of this should 
take a strong look at:


In addition to the Prototype cousins already mentioned.

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