[wp-hackers] Reposting my lost chronicle: Revisiting the 'Trash Can' idea...

Elliotte Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Apr 25 11:31:41 GMT 2006

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> My initial instinct was to say that it would lead to confusion, much like
> deletion in IMAP mail folders. After a second thought, I realised it would
> be an essential feature to some, so should probably be implemented as a
> plug-in. Think of it as thought it was tab snapback in Mozilla Firefox.
> There is one additional concern which is privacy, which is the cost of
> having an extra layer to deletion. Trash can annoy the user sometimes
> because they facilitate a two-tiered deletion, despite a confirmation
> prompt, which makes it three-tiered..

It doesn't have to be two-tiered. Delete could move a message to the 
trash. Then a non-user interactive process could periodically purge all 
messages older than some fixed time interval: e.g. 7 days. The interval 
could be user configurable. Anyone with extreme privacy needs could set 
the interval to 0 to delete immediately with no easy recovery.

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