[wp-hackers] Questions on execute-pings.php...

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Tue Apr 25 07:38:02 GMT 2006

Angsuman Chakraborty wrote:
> At this point it is simply calling the execute-pings in a convoluted (network error prone) and slower way without any visible benefits (unless you are relying on 0.1 timeout of socket connection to kick in and fail the process occasionally). Additionally the spawn method (which isn't really spawning anything) is also called from admin interface in the footer. It simply looks like a worse solution as it stands today.
> Also there is the question as to why it is not checking for post_date before issuing pingbacks and trackbacks. Pingbacks cannot be verified until the blog is actually published and visible on site. 
> I would think a better a flexible solution would be to plug pingback, trackback, enclosure and pings to publish_post action event. The code requires some refactoring.
> Thoughts?

It's a fairly common trick to issue a GET through fsockopen and not wait 
for an answer as a way to perform tasks asyncronously.  The problems we 
were having in certain environments might be fixed by calling 
ignore_user_abort() and set_time_limit() in the script being called in 
the GET request.


1. Look at the latest code in subversion. It's a bit different and 
addresses some of your points.
2. Code something better that still addresses the problem. :-)


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