[wp-hackers] inline-uploading.php

James Westby jw+wp at jameswestby.net
Tue Apr 25 01:36:42 GMT 2006

On (25/04/06 02:24), James Westby wrote:
> I'm running latest SVN on apache2 with php4. I have just tried to upload
> an image for the first time to attach to a post, but firefox prompts me
> to download inline-uploading.php. I couldn't see anything on trac about
> this. 
> It strikes me that it could well be a configuration issue at my end, but
> I can't see anything special about this script.
> Can anyone confirm this? If not could you suggest where I should look
> for possible fixes?
> Oh, and I'm using SSL and modsecurity (though I tested with this off and
> saw the same effect). The request headers look OK to my untrained eye.

Looking again the images were uploaded, but it didn't appear that way. 

Could it be related the the content header being set at the top op


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