[wp-hackers] Security at Wordpress

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Mon Apr 24 17:15:37 GMT 2006

Coincidentally, I had written an email about 'revisiting the trash can' 
thing -- and just found it was sent from the wrong account (and apparently 
thus eaten without response).  I'm reposting it now.

Trash can, recycle bin, whatever should alleviate ANY potential issues with 
mass-deletion of posts, comments, etc.  And would improve usability for the 
average user (imho).  Not to mention once in a blue moon it'd be real 
helpful for the techies who accidentally delete a comment they didn't mean 
to (who, me?).

Doing checkboxes for 'actions' on a group of 'items'... hmmm.  That sounds 
like most of the non-Web2.0 email apps (i.e., non-drag-and-drop web apps) 
I've used.  Actually, hmmm... phpMyAdmin uses the same metaphor.  Can't be 
THAT bad, can it?  I prefer the check-then-act approach as it's a bit more 
like the drag-and-drop direct manipulation (that is, if you multi-select 
items, then 'act' on them, that's like checking off a bunch of items then 
acting from a picklist/dropdown, or action buttons at the bottom...).

Just IMHO.  I'm not on either side of the post/get argument, I just think 
that in this particular suggestion, doing checkbox/multi actions via POST is 
a good enhancement and 'simplification' of the UI.


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Owen Winkler wrote
| > 5. adds new functionality for mass delete of posts (even if not needed)
| Oops.  I just accidentally deleted <s>that one post</s> *everything*.
| Oh, dear.
| Time to revisit this:
| http://www.asktog.com/columns/069ScottAdamsMeltdown.html

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