[wp-hackers] Security at Wordpress

Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Mon Apr 24 15:25:45 GMT 2006

Mike Little wrote:
> On 4/24/06, Ryan Scheuermann <ryan at concept64.com> wrote:
>> Wait a minute, on the Manage Bookmarks page, there is actually a Delete
>> link AND a checkbox with a form submit!  Does that seem redundant to
>> anyone else?
>> Ryan Scheuermann
> With bookmarks the one thing you can't do en masse is delete. The
> check box is to allow you to select multiple bookmarks for other
> actions.
> Or, at least that's how it used to be.
> Mike
I think you're right Mike for previous versions, but I'm looking at 
Manage Bookmarks on 2.1-alpha1 and I see checkboxes for only one action: 
delete.  :-)


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