[wp-hackers] AJAX / JS libraries

Ryan Scheuermann ryan at concept64.com
Mon Apr 24 15:11:35 GMT 2006

Owen Winkler wrote:
> Rob wrote:
>> Would it not be better to always include all of the JS? That way you 
>> don't have to work out which elements to include for your particular 
>> plugin/script, you don't end up including things twice, and there's 
>> no tangible increase in download times/bandwidth usage because of the 
>> caching?
> Yeah, I was wondering about that.  Why are we trying to out-think 
> browser caching?  Using slim libraries seems like a good idea, and 
> including only what you need on a per-page basis seems like a good 
> idea, but wasting (even minimal) server resources to rebuild different 
> combinations of javascript that will likely each be cached 
> separately...  Wha?
> Owen
Not only that, it makes code maintenance a hell of a lot easier.

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