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Doug Stewart dstewart at atl.lmco.com
Mon Apr 24 13:00:14 GMT 2006

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Elliotte Harold wrote:
> I've already made a few changes in the code for my personal sites. The
> more changes I make and the further my own codebase diverges from the
> official codebase, the more sense it makes to publish the whole thing,
> and make it official.

That's a bit selfish.  What flaws do these patches address?  Have you
submitted tickets to Trac for them?

I don't know what your level of involvement with the WP Trac system has
been thus far, but there is a lot of activity on it.  Tickets routinely
get attention within a day or so of their submission.  If your changes
are indeed beneficial, feature-complete, etc., there's a good chance
that they will be incorporated.

To withhold your actual code and attempt to force action by
"threatening" a fork is pretty arrogant and against the principles of
Open Source development, IMNSHO.

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