[wp-hackers] Re: [wp-svn] [3749] trunk/wp-admin: Remove those naughty flushes.

Mike Little mike at zed1.com
Sat Apr 22 21:43:48 GMT 2006

On 4/22/06, Ryan Boren <ryan at boren.nu> wrote:
> Mike Little wrote:
> > Why?
> > Don't they prevent timeouts (and give valuable feedback) on really
> > large imports?
> They were screwing up plugins that manipulated the output buffer,
> leading lots of bug reports.  There's probably a better way to deal with
> it, but I just removed them for now.
> Ryan

Ah right! OK, that makes sense.

Which reminds me I found, and fixed, an MT import bug. I'll raise it
on trac and prepare a patch.

Mike Little

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