[wp-hackers] Subversion for production servers

Kaf Oseo kaf at szub.net
Wed Apr 19 17:55:22 GMT 2006

Isn't the current stable release available through the branch (though
admittedly there's at times a delay)?

Right now 2.0.2 is here:


Chris Lott wrote:
> Using subversion for development and to keep up with nightlies is
> easy-- just keep up to date with the trunk.
> but is there documented somewhere a way to use subversion to keep up
> with stable releases?  I have nearly 20 WP blogs that can't be moved
> into my WPMU farm. These are live, working sites so I don't really
> want to run nightlies... but it would be nice to upgrade via SVN when
> stable releases are out-- I imagine that this involves using 'svn
> switch' but my knowledge of svn in this area is slim and the book
> isn't making me confident because I know we are 2.0.2 right now but
> when I browse the svn tree I Don't see any tag for 2.0.2, just 2.0.1

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