[wp-hackers] XSL for feeds

Andrew Krespanis leftjustified at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 23:12:45 GMT 2006

I must be missing something here... does IE not support styling of XML with CSS?

If it does, why don't we just use CSS to style the RSS feed; thereby
killing off the need for newbies to learn another language? I don't
know about you guys, but I found learning XSL a hell of a lot more
daunting than learning CSS.
It's not like people are going to need to do anything real crazy (eg:
CSS tables via display:table; etc) with their RSS feeds, so surely CSS
would suffice?


On 4/8/06, David House <dmhouse at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 08/04/06, Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
> > Right now, support.
> > We are asking theme authors to learn new code. I have no doubt some will
> > but I would guess most will not. Which leaves support to fall elsewhere.
> > That generates problems.....
> Actually, I just had a better idea. XSLT can basically spit out
> anything you want, so in our case we'd get it to spit out HTML. It
> doesn't specify colours and fonts etc., that's what CSS is for. So we
> have three layers:
> Transformed by our XSLT sylesheet to HTML
> Style by CSS

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