[wp-hackers] XSL for feeds

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 04:45:34 GMT 2006

> Rob wrote:
> > What are/were the arguments against?

I don't know... maybe it's just not mainstream enough. I thought we
were a cutting-edge culture... are there no patches floating around?

I saw this today and it made me very happy not to see a bunch of code
show up. There can be no doubt that ours would be better, but this is
at least something I wouldn't mind my mom seeing:


We would need a function to generate the XSL URI, falling back on
default/classic if the theme didn't provide one. Then add one line to
each of our feed scripts. Not hard.

Every time someone clicks on a feed link, we alienate them a little
bit. This is a great opportunity to get exposure and make friends.

Now, what are the cons?


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