[wp-hackers] Cron? Anyone?

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Fri Apr 7 15:24:24 GMT 2006

Peter Westwood wrote:
> Scanning through my local phpxref'd copy of the trunk source it looks like
> wp-cron is called on the "init" hook if we are currently not already doing
> cron (see /wp-includes/default-filters.php lines 89-90).

Ah-HA!  That'll teach me for searching for /wp_cron\s*\(/ instead of 

> Whether or not anything currently uses cron is another question.
> Looking around there does seem to be a number of references to
> wp_schedule_single_event - notably for pings and future posts.
> I've just tried a future post on my test blog - now I wait to see if it
> turns up....

Hmm.  I think I'm 0 for 2 today on the regexes.  I checked my logs again 
and wp-cron.php is present several times over the past three days.  Who 
knows what I was doing before...  I must need a vacation.

In any case, future posting wasn't working for me a few weeks ago, 
perhaps before masquerade's cron updates.  Can you confirm that it does now?

-trying to reclaim some utility from this "the sky is falling" thread.

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