[wp-hackers] Link Subcategories

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Thu Apr 6 02:07:52 GMT 2006

Chris Lott wrote:
> Intuitively, the problem is that (and I love tags), I apply (or at
> least would like to apply) tags differently to posts than I do links.

Putting aside the tags vs. category argument (which is pointless 
considering that the committers are apparently both avid taggers) I'm 
still somewhat baffled by the combination of the two.

I certainly see the benefit of having a single shared datastore for the 
categories of both links and posts, but I see no utility to users of 
WordPress that these two be shared.

If the original intention was as ryan recently said, to make it seem 
like they are separate things even though they are not, then everything 
makes sense.  But I'm curious about the intentions of having mixed 
link/post categories - maybe you're onto something I didn't think of and 
I just need it explained a little better.

That said, categories and tags are certainly not the same thing.  Of 
course, I do organize my socks - in a manner of speaking.  [1]  :p


[1]: http://spoken-for.org/archives/2004/10/29/584/

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