[wp-hackers] theming

Cristiana Yambo wordpress at cloudthirteen.com
Tue Sep 20 14:59:13 GMT 2005

I started using wordpress recently, and I made some changes to the  
theme engine on my copy of the code.  I also have some ideas to make  
the themeing more flexible.  I was wondering how I should go about  
trying to submit changes to the code, and also the coding format for  
this project.
The changes I made deal with the way the category list is displayed,  
I made an option to display the list as just a list of links, so they  
can be horizontal. I know you can do that with css, but, I needed a  
way to display them as a plain series of links.  Is this possible to  
do with the existing code, because I do not want to have my own  
forked version to maintain.


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