[wp-hackers] a plugin of a theme's own

Trevor Turk trevorturk at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 21:00:42 GMT 2005

> > Or, at the least, a theme that wants to provide
> additional functionality
> > via the functions.php should provide a way to
> disable part or all of the
> > functionality that it provides.
> We can't enforce that, but that would be the ideal
> solution.

This is most definitely a pipe-dream, but I thought
I'd think out loud, just for a sec. Would it be
possible to have an admin submenu item appear if a
plugin included a "functions.php" file, which would
list the functions, and allow you to check-to-disable
them? I know that would be a lot of work, if at all
possible, but I'm thinking you might be able to do
this using the wp_options table, like the k2 theme

Like I said, total pipe-dream, but worth mentioning, I hope.

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