[wp-hackers] a plugin of a theme's own

Trevor Turk trevorturk at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 20:27:17 GMT 2005

> Note also that themes that are packed with functions
> from original 
> plugins might have the need to be overridden by the
> dedicated plugins 
> should security or bug-fix issues occur.  In that
> case, the theme author 
> should have allowed for an administrator to supplant
> the functions.php 
> functionality with that of the original plugin.
> Arr.
> Owen

This is actually what I was thinking about originally.
If, for example, you included that talk-like-a-pirate
plugin/filter with that one pirate theme "Yar, tis me
blog" or whatever, and then there was an update to the
plugin from the original author - would you be able to
install the plugin on your own (via the plugins
interface, as opposed to the themes interface) and
overwrite the one included by the theme? 

As for conflicts between functions is PHP, I'm still
getting my sea-legs, so I can't really speak to that! :)

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