[wp-hackers] Requesting a ban from #wordpress

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 04:53:15 GMT 2005

Over the last few weeks we've had one person (mindamp) in #wordpress
who has been a constant pain to everyone in #wordpress, and especially
to a lot of the regulars. There've been a couple instances where he
has majorly crossed lines and has been asked to leave, but yet he
insists on coming back to bother us all more and more, and has
recently picked up the habit of making personal jabs at people. There
are enough logs with examples to keep you all reading for hours, if
someone really wants some examples then I'd be glad to run through and
post them.

mindamp!n=Oxford at host-208-60-212-190.vista-express.com

I beg of you Matt, do everyone in #wordpress a favor and end this. I'm
sure there are a number of people around who would second this

--Robert Deaton

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