[wp-hackers] Separation of Application Logic from

Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Thu Sep 8 06:43:38 GMT 2005

Dougal Campbell <dougal at gunters.org> wrote:
|  David House says:
|     "Secondly, the end user shouldn't ever see the Smarty
|     templates for the admin. Only the WP devs, and they're
|     certainly not laymen."
|  Don't be so sure. There are plenty of WP sites out there run by 
|  who pretty much don't know the first thing about coding. And they
|  shouldn't have to. That's one of the things WP is good at: it's a 
|  tool whether you're a web novice or an expert PHP programmer.

err, I think he meant to say that only the WP devs mess around with the 
WP-Admin code and not every other person, unlike the front-end 
templates!! :)
So if you are a layman, then you shouldn't be messing around the PHP 
code anyway, Smarty or not!!

Amit Gupta
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