[wp-hackers] Separation of Application Logic from

Gustavo Barron cicloid at idealabs.tk
Wed Sep 7 18:16:31 GMT 2005

Dougal Campbell wrote:

> Dougal Campbell wrote:
>> Ryan Boren wrote:
>>> So, let's continue to clean up the admin templates by moving the heavy
>>> lifting into functions.  I'd like to eliminate direct DB calls from the
>>> templates as much as possible and improve code reuse.
>> Hmmmm... Can anyone say "admin templates"?
>> I knew you could.
> Whoops, looking back, I see that Michael Huynh already said it :)
> David House says:
>   "Secondly, the end user shouldn't ever see the Smarty
>   templates for the admin. Only the WP devs, and they're
>   certainly not laymen."
> Don't be so sure. There are plenty of WP sites out there run by people
> who pretty much don't know the first thing about coding. And they
> shouldn't have to. That's one of the things WP is good at: it's a good
> tool whether you're a web novice or an expert PHP programmer.
> Jeff Minard says:
>   "Why would you need/want to template the admin section
>   anyway? Aside from cases where you want to majorly
>   rebrand the admin interface, only a small handful of
>   people will ever see those pages."
> Again, not necessarily the case. It might be useful to have different
> admin interfaces for different admins or site types. A "novice" admin
> template could avoid cluttering things up with advanced options that
> might not ever get used. Some sites might benefit from an interface
> geared more heavily towards managing pages than posts and comments.
> Granted, templatizing the admin section is a more complicated endeavor
> than content templates. Maybe we'll decide that admin templates aren't
> needed. But I think that there might be enough use-cases to make it
> worth consideration, at least.
Then why not a php XML-RPC client? all the rebranding stuff, in a custom

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