[wp-hackers] Atom 1.0

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Tue Sep 6 04:46:15 GMT 2005

Actually, Matt's justification has been that it hadn't exited draft 
status yet.

This discussion is a black hole and a lot of very smart people have 
given into the negativity involved with bickering about it, but IE7 will 
support Atom:

Robert Deaton wrote:

>iirc, last time someone asked about a comments atom feed Matt said it
>had been intentionally left out because he didn't think Atom would be
>the way of the future. Back then, I may not have agreed entirely, but
>at this point we must face that RSS is going to be the way of the near
>future, with its support in IE7 being a major reason why. Not to say
>that Atom support should be dropped entirely, but I don't think its
>something that much time should be spent on.

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