[wp-hackers] WordPress Leaks PageRank?

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Sat Sep 3 01:09:42 GMT 2005

Mathias Bynens wrote:

>What might be a good solution, is the use of a new IRI design for
>feeds and trackbacks. I'm currently using this on my site:
>-> feed: http://domain.ext/syndicate/yyyy/mm/post-slug
>-> trackback: http://domain.ext/trackback/yyyy/mm/post-slug
>I don't need to tell you my robots.txt contains the following:
>User-agent: *
>Disallow: /syndicate/
>Disallow: /trackback/
>How cool is that?
 From a web architecture standpoint, that's a step backwards, if WP were 
to adopt it... ideally there should only be one uri per item and what's 
returned (atom, rss, xhtml, pingback uri, etc) would be determined by 
the request HTTP headers.

Also I think the point of the disdain for nofollow is that the spammers 
really don't care what the search engines are following or not 
following, they're gonna keep spewing their stuff via bots anyway.


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