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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Fri Sep 2 19:24:25 GMT 2005

Mike Little <journalized at gmail.com> wrote:
|  You may not intend to offend anyone but you writing sounds mocking 
|  derogatory.
|  You also chose your  smarty examples out of context to show it in a 
bad light.

ok, that I said earlier, I didn't make those remarks to offend some one, 
because I know that my remarks have a sarcasm in them, I don't deny 
that!! And no, I didn't intentionally pick the bad examples to highlight 
instead of good examples, but given at that URL, 
the code shown, take a look at it & tell me how its better? Seperating 
application logic from design logic is what its labelled as, but all I 
see is that instead of <?php ?>, { & } are being used and the logic has 
a bit different syntax, the "foreach" loop is still there & so is the 
"if" condition, they can't be removed, whether you use a template engine 
like Smarty or use PHP directly, they can only be removed by doing the 
loop etc. in PHP putting a variable there, either of PHP or Smarty. So 
tell me, is there any difference to the code except that its more 
bloated now & will take more overhead to process?

And is my question "Are we thinking about making WordPress faster & 
lighter or bloating it??" not justified?

If you can justify it, then I'd sure be glad to hear the reasoning 
behind it!! :)

Amit Gupta
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