[wp-hackers] Separation of Application Logic from Presentation Logic; a big hack I made

Nathan Lamont dr.forbin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:19:29 GMT 2005


For my own purposes, I modified WordPress 1.5.2 so that almost all of
the presentation logic has been separated from the application logic.

They don't know me from a hole in the wall, but I thought this might
be useful to the WordPress developers. In addition to making it easier
to make layout refinements, it could also make the application code
easier to read and maintain.

I realize my method (using the Smarty Templating Engine) might not be
everyone's favorite, but it ensures a strict separation of form from

I called my hack SmartyPress and have put it at
http://smartypress.biggerplanet.com .

I'm a great fan of WordPress and have used it many times for many
purposes -- but almost never as a regular blog. I thank its developers
for its creation and maintenance, and I hope my hack is, if not useful
to them as-is, at least a testament to my love of WordPress.

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