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Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Thu Sep 1 14:03:53 GMT 2005

ifelse <wordswithstyle at gmail.com> wrote:
|  Disagree completely. I'd advocate taking a leaf from the Firefox 
|  philosophy and carefully limit/constrain visible options to a 
carefully considered core set.
|  This is the sort of value that should not be a visible option.

have you bothered to look at what I was quoting?? Here it is if you 
missed it

Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> wrote:
|  Some folks might want the visual confirmation that pinging is 
|  Could we use a small pop-up window with some sort of updating status
|  meter (like the kind Owen put into WP-DB Backup)?  This pop-up window
|  could do the heavy lifting, the javascript could keep it from timing
|  out, and the window could be minimized by people who don't care.

so ofcourse if you are gonna show some visual confirmation to the user 
as to what's happening(like 'pinging'),
then that should be made optional!! There's no harm in making it 
optional, so the authors who want to
see when WP is pinging etc. they can enable the option.

I think that you mis-understood what I was saying & thought that 
'pinging' should be made optional, etc.

Amit Gupta
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