[wp-hackers] XHTML Strict compliant replacement for target=_new

Andy Skelton skeltoac at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 17:38:13 GMT 2005

On 10/27/05, Eric A. Meyer <eric at meyerweb.com> wrote:
> What we're really
> discussing here is a UI behavior (a deeply annoying one, I agree, but
> authors still want it), not an intra-document relationship.  I
> suspect that adding a 'class="newwindow"' or something similar is as
> semantically pure as you could hope to get within the confines of
> XHTML Strict.
>     Assuming you were committed to keeping your semantics pure while
> dirtying your UI behavior, of course.

Right. That classname, with some light js to match it (never == a
space-separated value) and convert it to a window-opening link, would
be valuable in the Links UI.


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