[wp-hackers] blog directory on the same level as pages

Austin Matzko ajmatzko at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 26 20:21:45 GMT 2005

I'd like an easy way to have pages on the same level as the blog
directory when using permalinks.  In other words, I'd have WordPress
in the top-level directory, with pages such as www.example.com/about,
but the blog entries would be under www.example.com/blog, so a typical
blog post might look like www.example.com/blog/2005/10/26/blog-entry .

The problem is that I can't see any way to do that without a lot of
hand-coding of htaccess every time I update the permalink structure
(e.g. every time I add a new page).  Is there an easier way to do this
that I'm missing?

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