[wp-hackers] The next release.

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Oct 23 21:34:19 GMT 2005

Podz wrote:
>> "Upgrading from any previous WordPress to 1.5:
>>    1. Delete your old WP files, saving ones you've modified
>>    2. Upload the new files
>>    3. Point your browser to /wp-admin/upgrade.php
>>    4. You wanted more, perhaps? That's it!"
> I just noticed the above is - unless you are using 1.5 already - 
> /completely wrong/ and if you are using 1.5 anyway, you don't need to 
> run upgrade.

I will write the upgrade docs that are needed.
Problem is that they won't be 1-2-3.
You cannot cover what needs to be done in one small paragraph and I'd 
rather do it once and properly in my time than have to rush one out when 
the complaints come in.
If you have written or are writing such docs for the next WP release, 
say so now please so there is no duplication of work.

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