[wp-hackers] The next release.

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Sun Oct 23 21:26:50 GMT 2005

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Jon Abad wrote:
>> I don't recall if a decision was reached in previous conversations, 
>> but wasn't there talk of including backup functionality either baked 
>> in the core or as a plugin with 1.6?
> That's the ever-elusive XML backup/restore, which isn't looking like 
> it's going to make this release.

I would be happy to donate my WP-DB Backup code to the WordPress core, 
or see it included as a default plugin bundled with the download.

It's not perfect, but it seems to work for the overwhelming majority of 
people who try it (and as such, I consider it's success rate to be about 
on par with WordPress itself).

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