[wp-hackers] XHTML Strict compliant replacement for target=_new

David Chait davebytes at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 15:36:50 GMT 2005

Great point here Amit!

As a person who runs a site using _new, I do it for the masses.  I myself usually ctrl-click links to open them into another tab in FF, so that I don't "lose my place" when browsing sites/articles.

I'd definitely give preferential treatment to the site >owner< on this thing -- if there are multiple ways to implement, let the owner choose which to use, or to not use it at all.

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  Andy Skelton <skeltoac at gmail.com> wrote:
  |  Amit, I'll be satisfied when people stop trying to make their external
  |  links open new windows/tabs on my computer. The only good excuse for
  |  forcing open a new window, IMO, is to facilitate the use of an
  |  internal web app. IMO.

  well, I agree that its annoying sometimes when all links start opening in a
  new tab, but then, IMHO, the links to other sites should open in a new
  window as it makes the like of common Joe user easier as he still has that
  old site opened as he might not know how to come back to if the link
  opened in the same window & then he clicked a few more links as well. You
  are forgetting on thing, things are designed keeping the kind of people that
  will be using them most & the number of dumb people is quite higher than
  those of knowledgeable ones!! these are the people who sometimes don't
  know how to open a link in a new window or tab!!
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