[wp-hackers] RSS Feed for Archives, Is it needed?

Mani Monajjemi mani.monajjemi at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 09:25:49 GMT 2005

Dear friends,

Last night I've just added some features to WP1.6 function. I added some
tags to wp_get_archives like *feed* & *feed_image* just like wp_list_cats,
now if you use those tags and RSS link will apear after Monthly, Daily &
weekly archives , after 3 hours of coding and finishing the job , I thought
is it really neccessary ? Should I submit the code to wordpress trac?

PS. There's aboolutley no bug in new functions and they work well.
Mani Monajjemi
www.manionline.org <http://www.manionline.org>
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