[wp-hackers] XHTML Strict compliant replacement for target=_new

Luc Saint-Elie lstelie at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 07:24:21 GMT 2005

At 16:24 -0500 22/10/05, Andy Skelton wrote:
>On 10/22/05, Amit Gupta <wp at igeek.info> wrote:
>>  no problem. also, someone raised the issue to not fiddle with
>>  standards & that they didn't mean validating the data & then
>>  manipulating it via DOM by adding the "target" attribute. so the
>>  function that I gave should satisfy him as well, as using "onclick"
>>  event handler is perfectly within standards & so is using the
>>  javascript "window.open". :)
>Amit, I'll be satisfied when people stop trying to make their external
>links open new windows/tabs on my computer. The only good excuse for
>forcing open a new window, IMO, is to facilitate the use of an
>internal web app. IMO.


With the use of rel="external" (that by the way is 150% standard and 
any buzzword compliant) and a DOM manipulation using javascript :

- There is absolutely no problem with browsers not supporting 
javascript and/or with Javascript deactivated
- It will be very easy to provide the sidebar with a button "links in 
external or same window" (the click would set a global JS variable 
and the function I and other provided can be set inside a IF a switch)

As a user I think the problem is far less in people forcing you to 
make their external links in a new window or not than these people 
using for their website a software that takes decisions for them :-)

My two cents


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